Revolutionary Process Technology from Unilever


Mixing is a critical process across a number of industries and applications. Improving process efficiency, minimising resources and developing new materials and material properties demand new approaches to mixing and new mixing technologies. CDDM technology provides this and opens the door to new processes, products and business opportunities.

The Company

CDDM TECHNOLOGY LIMITED (CDDMtec) was incorporated to build businesses around CDDM technology for applications outside Unilever's fields of interest. [More ....]


Controlled Deformation Dynamic Mixing (CDDM) technology is the result of more than 2 decades of R&D within Unilever Research Labs and with the engineering involvement of TecExec Ltd. [More....]


The development of the first application, in the area of PetroChem, is under way, with additional application patents being drawn up. [More....]